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Our Packaging

Our packaging is plastic free.

As part of our program to reduce wastes generation and to minimise carbon emissions, we use recyclable paper that is printed locally in Victoria. Transport is then minimised.


Our clear bags are compostable through a commercial facility.


The packaging counts for less 7% of the bar’s weight. Having one of the lightest packaging on the market allows us to reduce carbon emission when shipping our chocolates. This is also so much less that ends up at landfill once the chocolate has been indulged.


For warm weather shipping we use woolpack liners to insulate our bars. Made out of ship and goat wool, these liners ensure a sustainable, reusable and bio-degradable material to protect our chocolates… and the planet.

Our chocolate

We work with chocolate manufacturers who are constantly improving a fair and ethical relationship with farmers, ensuring the best traceability.

Our chocolate contains no palm oil nor GMO (genetic modified organisms).


Our production facility is solar powered.


We use reusable coffee pods at our staffroom coffee machine. Used coffee is composted along with our food wastes. This is part of our program of reducing our gas emissions in minimising food waste ending up at landfill.

To handle and pack our delicious chocolate we use reusable cotton gloves instead of disposable ones.

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