Types of Chocolates: Everything You Need to Know

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Chocolates have been around for a long time. It is the most popular sweet treat in the world.

One of the many reasons why chocolates are loved by everyone is because of its variety. It can cater to every mood and to every preferred taste. Chocolates are also versatile being mixed with different ingredients you can think of.

All of these are possible because there are different types of chocolates. You just need to pick your favourite or you can get them all.

Types of Chocolates

There are three main types of chocolates - milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate. They are the usual go-to flavours, always readily available in the market. However, there are other types that can give you a more premium flavour of chocolates.

Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolate is perhaps the most popular type of chocolate. It is the flavour of the chocolate bars that bring us back to our childhood.

But despite its popularity, milk chocolate actually contains only 10-40 percent of cacao, which is the main ingredient in making this decadent treat. Aside from cacao, milk chocolate has sugar and of course, milk.

This type of chocolate appeals to those who love tons of sweet treats compared to dark chocolates which give more of the bittersweet taste.

However, even though it is sweet, milk chocolate isn’t great for baking because it’s prone to overheating.

If you are having a hard time thinking of a quick yet special treat for someone, milk chocolate is a great choice because who doesn't love milk chocolates?

Dark Chocolate

Sometimes referred to as black or semi-sweet chocolate, dark chocolate has been a popular option of chocolate to those who are health conscious.

Common mixture of dark chocolates contains chocolate liquor and sugar. Compared to milk chocolate, this type has 30 up to 80 percent of cocoa.

If you want to maximize the health benefits of dark chocolates, look for retailers that sell higher-quality chocolates. Premium dark chocolates do not contain added dairy and can be reproduced as vegan-friendly chocolates.

In addition, the lack of dairy and less sugar give dark chocolates firmer texture compared to other types. This is why a well-tempered dark chocolate bar has a nice snap when you get your first bite.

If you are watching your diet, you can still treat yourself with some dark chocolate.

White Chocolate

Similar to other types, white chocolate is sweet but it has qualities that stand out. Aside from its cream color, white chocolates do not contain chocolate liquor or any other cocoa products besides cocoa butter.

Hence, it does not taste very chocolatey rather it resembles smooth vanilla.

White chocolate is made from cocoa butter, sugar, and milk solids. Therefore, a well-crafted and good quality white chocolate has a rich, soft, and creamy texture.

However, some manufacturers use compounds to substitute cocoa butter because this is an expensive ingredient due to its demand in the cosmetics industry.

Though these are labeled as "white chocolates" they can't be considered as one because they do not meet the minimum amount of cocoa butter required to make this premium type of chocolate.

Bittersweet Chocolate

This type of chocolate just recently made its traction in the market. Bittersweet chocolates are also referred to as extra-dark chocolates.

Consumers instantly preferred this type after they learned about the additional health benefits it can give compared to the usual dark chocolates.

Bittersweet chocolates have 65 percent or higher content with sugar, measured one-third of the whole mixture, hence, this type is taste more bitter than semi-sweet or dark chocolates.

However, particular taste or flavour depends on the location where the coca is grown - some can be fruity while others taste earthy.

When it comes to baking and other use, dark and bittersweet chocolates can be used based on your preference.

If you want to take it to the next level, you can always opt to grab some bittersweet chocolate.

Couverture Chocolate

If your palette wants something decadent and premium, this is the type of chocolate for you.

Couverture chocolate contains all the base ingredients you need to make a bar of good chocolate but it differs because it has a higher percentage of cocoa butter. Hence, it is expensive.

This type of chocolate makes superior flavours that give you the indulgence you seek from sweet treats.

You can find milk, white, and dark couverture chocolates in the market.

With a wide variety of flavours from different types of chocolates, you can definitely make money out of it. These chocolates are versatile to be mixed with different ingredients.

On the other hand, chocolates are also a great addition to your existing menu, whether you own a pub or a convenience store. There will always be a customer interested in some sweet treats.

"I don't know how to make chocolates, what are the best options for my selection?" You never have to worry about this stuff because there are wholesale chocolate suppliers that will do it for you. These producers have a wide range of flavours that will fit your selection.

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Final Thoughts

Chocolates will always be a go-to treat for many. It has a secret ingredient that boosts your mood, makes you happy, and relaxed you after a long day. You just have to find the type of chocolate that suits your taste.

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