The Best Chocolate You Can Buy Online To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Updated: Mar 24

Chocolates are made from the seeds of the cocoa tree and through time it was proven that chocolate has been a good help in stimulating the release of feel-good chemicals in the brain, including endorphins and serotonin. Therefore, everybody loves it.

Every sweet tooth will agree whether a chocolate bar was from the convenience aisle at your local pharmacy or gas station, or it was given as a gift or brought from a luxury store, it is delicious in every bite.

However, it is the task of every chocolate lover to find the best chocolates in the market that can satisfy their taste buds now and then. Chocolate connoisseurs look for treats that are more than just plain and simple milk chocolate bars, they want to indulge in the sugary-sweet goodness of chocolate that gives them an extraordinary experience and celebration in their mouths.

Here we round up the best chocolates you can buy online that can satisfy your sweet tooth any time of the day. This list contains the top chocolates that are tasty, high-quality, and some are the best fit for those who are health conscious.

This one has a mix of the best milk, dark, and white chocolate treats, chocolate brands that sell truffles, bars, and in packs, giving you chocolates in all shapes and sizes. Thus, it’s no surprise that you may find yourself craving a chocolatey snack from time to time.

10 Chocolates Available Online That Can Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

1. Red Light - Milk Chocolate Diamond Pralines

Pralines are distinct because of their soft-center and chocolate casing. This type of chocolate is often available in a variety of shapes and forms and for Red Light, they made it a diamond.

Usually, pralines have liquors, cherries, almonds, and creams as fillings and the shells can be either white chocolate, dark chocolate, or milk chocolate but Red Light’s pralines are covered in a thin layer of milk chocolate and offer a coconut filling as an alternative to nuts.

They have a box of pralines best for date nights when you crave something sweet.

2. QQ La Praline - French Biscuit White Chocolate

Have you ever been to France? If not have a taste of this lovely country through this Belgian white chocolate added chunks of French biscuits. You will have the feel of the French breeze in Australia when you avail of this product.

This is another treat perfect as a gift and of course for self-satisfaction whenever you feel romantic.

3. ChocZero - Keto Bark

This chocolate is best for those who are on a strict keto diet. If you are one of those who are avoiding sugary treats while working your way through Keto, add this to your cart now.

You can still indulge in chocolate flavoured treats despite the restrictions of your diet through this best-selling chocolate which uses monk fruit for a sweet kick while keeping sugar and carbs low.

This can also be a healthier option for those who love chocolate but want to take a short break from the sugar, keep on satisfying your cravings with Keto Bark.

4. QQ La Praline - Crispy Organic Coffee Milk Chocolate

This is the answer for your middle of a busy day craving for chocolate and coffee. It is a mixture of high-quality Belgian chocolate and a kick of locally-sourced Organic coffee beans with a bonus crunch of crepe crumbs. Seems like this is a complete afternoon treat.

You will never have to worry about all the calories you might chomp on when you buy separate coffee and chocolates plus crepe. You can order either milk or white chocolate but it’s better if both so you will never run out of chocolate stash because once you taste this, you can't stop.

5. Seattle Chocolate - Mint Truffles

This pack of chocolate mint truffles is perfect for those who have their favourites. You can just buy a pack and bring it wherever you go. Seattle Chocolate fans admit that they can’t stop unwrapping these melt-aways whenever they purchase. It is surely fast enough to pop them in their mouths.

This classic flavour is made from pure peppermint oil, meaning your taste buds will be washed in a cool minty embrace all while savoring a creamy center that's irresistible.

6. QQ La Praline - Organic Matcha White Chocolate

From one classic flavour to a trendy dessert flavour. Matcha has been a popular flavour for dessert recently. People have a love-hate relationship with this one but this organic matcha white chocolate from QQ La Praline will make you love it.

This deliciously thin chocolate bar has the perfect bittersweet balance of organic matcha and crunchy cashew brittle mixed in a smooth and creamy Belgian white chocolate.

QQ La Praline is a 24/7 online store based in Melbourne, Australia, and allows every Aussie to taste their flavours by shipping across the country.

7. Jojo’s Original Guilt-free Chocolate Bars

JOJO’s Original Guilt-Free Chocolate Bars is another brand that dedicates itself to creating healthier treat options. This is considered the best overall healthy chocolate snack option because their products are high in protein and fiber keeping your craving covered for a longer time.

Furthermore, these chocolate bars are made from high-quality and healthy ingredients including dark chocolate, almonds, pistachios, dried cranberries, and hemp protein.

Aside from the classic flavour, JOJO’s also offers peanut butter, Hawaiian, and raspberry chocolate bars mixed with plant-based protein.

8. QQ La Praline - Dark Almond Cluster

If you can’t control yourself from finishing a bar of chocolate, you can try this chocolate cluster packed in a brown bag perfect for those who want to keep their treats a little longer inside the cupboard.

This dark almond cluster from QQ La Praline is a perfect blend of freshly toasted slivered almonds and Belgian chocolate. It is the right one if you want nutty and velvety treats.

Also, this one is vegan-friendly plus you have the option to choose either milk chocolate or black.

9. Taza Super Dark Chocolate Disks

Taza Chocolate is a Massachusetts-based company that produces high quality, stone-ground chocolate products.

Aside from the community involvement of this brand, and healthier choice of ingredients and mixture, their products are indeed one of the best.

Their dark chocolate disks are perfect for anyone who loves the deep, slightly bitter flavor of dark chocolate.

Another special component of this product is it is made from only stone-ground organic cocoa beans and organic cane sugar. One serving contains 85% cocoa, satisfying your cravings for a longer time.

10. QQ La Praline - Classic Almond Milk Chocolate

Of course, this list will never be complete if we do not include a classic yet elevated flavour of a chocolate bar. This classic Almond Milk Chocolate is more than those crunchy milk chocolates in the grocery or pharmacy, this is a mixture of Indulgence from Australian almond chunks and smooth Belgian milk chocolate.

Wrapping Up

If you think you already tasted all the chocolates offered across the grocery aisle, maybe it’s time to explore other brands, probably the more luxe chocolate bar or oddly flavoured ones that you will never be able to resist, wanting you to crave for more once you bite into it.

Whether you’re in the mood for a simple chocolate bar or something crunchy to munch on QQ La Praline is here to satisfy your cravings Down Under.

Reach us to learn the best recommendation for your tastebuds.

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