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The world knows that Swiss and Belgians are some of the best chocolatiers. They produce high-quality, traditional, artisan chocolates that are enjoyed and recognized all over the world. However, what most parts of the world did not know is that Melbourne is also a city that has a heart for chocolate and chocolate making.

There are many shops across the city that continuously import couverture chocolate from Europe. These businesses keep the chocolate industry in Melbourne alive alongside a smaller number of shops and online chocolate stores that opted to produce handmade chocolates and take the process in-house. Surprisingly, these small chocolate shops in Melbourne are gaining the attention of many chocolate enthusiasts and the trend is just starting.

Australia is already one of the leaders in the coffee industry and there are many similarities between coffee and chocolates. Thus, it is expected that Australia particularly Melbourne will gain the attention of both local and global market.

Why Venture to Chocolate Business?

Aside from being the most popular treat or dessert, chocolate is also packed with antioxidants and helps the release of serotonin. A bar of chocolate or a cup of hot cocoa can boost a person’s mood and increase their energy within the day.

Chocolates have other health benefits and the fact that the market is getting more aware of the business is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs out there. In Melbourne alone, there are several specialty chocolate stores and online shops that offer high-quality treats that could be lined up among the best in the world.

Melbourne's Best Chocolate Shop

Here are just five of the best chocolate shops you can find around Melbourne.

1. Koko Black

Koko Balck is an artisan chocolatier that you can find around the historic Royal Arcade. Before the pandemic hit the world, you can easily find this store along Bourke Street because there is always a long line of people. Koko Balck has mastered the fine art of European chocolate making. Thus, this store is considered one of the luxury chocolate stores in Melbourne. Every chocolate enthusiast can find any type of chocolate they crave in this store. It offers chocolate blocks and chocolate-coated roasted almonds, praline gift boxes, delicious hot chocolates, and many more.

2. East Elevation

East Elevation is one of a kind chocolate store based in Melbourne. This owner of the business is the only chocolatier in town that roast, winnow, grind, and refine his very chocolate. A store that practices the farm-to-table process. Aside from his way of making chocolate products, this entrepreneur is also dedicated to educating the public about origins and the production process through chocolate appreciation classes.

East Elevation sells a range of products from around the globe as well as his handcrafted chocolates.

3. QQ La Praline

QQ La Praline is a local chocolate online shop owned by chocolatiers based in Melbourne. It is one of those up-and-coming businesses that taking e-commerce by storm.

This online chocolate shop might be small but it has a long list of flavours that the Aussie market can choose from. QQ Lapraline has a pool of traditional, classics, and out-of-the-box flavours.

All chocolate products from bars and other treats like almond clusters are handcrafted by artisan chocolatiers and are made from only premium Belgian chocolates. Also, QQ Lapraline practices sustainability by supporting locally sourced ingredients and produce. The chocolate products are also free from palm oil and GMO.

One of the many advantages of QQ Lapraline is it ships all over Australia. You just have to check their website and order your cravings. This store will cover all your cravings from classic dark chocolates, to out-of-ordinary artisan chocolate bars because they will be delivered to your doorsteps.

The store also features limited-edition flavours so you can always watch out for some new flavours and products. also offers a limited edition chocolate selection during the holidays so you better watch out for a burst of flavours, particularly curated for that specific time of the year.

4. Monsieur Truffe

Monsieur Truffe has been in Melbourne since 2006. It was originally located at Melbourne’s Prahran market. As the business expanded it added a factory, online store, and additional retail space across the area. This artisanal brand uses organic ingredients, sustainable packaging, and offers a wide range of variations catering all cravings of the customers.

5. Bibelot

Bibelot is a one-stop-shop. It sells chocolates and it is also a cafe where customers and meet and hang out. It also gives customers a great dining experience because Bibelot’s chocolate-making process is a show. Customers can see how the chocolatier tempering away in the chocolate room while they comfortably sit across Coventry Stree. Some of Bibelot’s popular products are cocoa pop and orange-infused white chocolate, caramelised puff corn with milk chocolate and pink salt, chocolate nougat, and so on. This shop is an attraction for all the sweet tooths out there.

Things to Consider When Buying Handcrafted Chocolates

Melbourne is full of chocolate stores and many online businesses are sprouting like mushrooms across the Internet but here are just some of the things you might want to consider before you purchase your next handmade chocolates.

Choose a Unique Flavour

Find a store or shop that offers a wide range of variants and flavours. Allow yourself to taste uniques chocolates, something you can find at your local grocery store. Be more adventurous and get something extraordinary.

Research the Ingredients Used

Knowing that your chocolate bar is artisan is already a good thing but learning what are the ingredients used by the chocolatier will make you more excited. If these brands are new to you, make sure that you are getting your money’s worth.


The pandemic changed the landscape of businesses and dining experiences but that doesn’t mean that you cannot have a taste of your favourite chocolate bar at the comfort of your home. There are businesses like QQ Lapraline that aim to satisfy your cravings wherever you are in Australia.

Boost your mood during these uncertain times and get that chocolate bar.

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