Special Father's Day Gift Ideas You Can Avail Last Minute

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Father’s Day, just like any other celebration, is a chance for a family get-together. For this year, it will be extra memorable because of several lockdowns due to the virus.

Whether you’re living with your dad or sending a gift from afar, you can still treat him with simple yet special gifts you can avail and prepare without leaving your homes.

Social-distancing restrictions mean the usual family trips and dine-outs this coming Sunday may not be possible. Therefore, you need to get creative and think of other Father's Day gifts you can prepare with your limited time and resources.

Australia will celebrate Father’s Day on Sunday, September 6 and everyone is finding ways how to come up with something special in a small amount of time especially after the Australia Post announced that there will be lockdowns in some states.

If you or your dad are in Victoria, you might need to get a gift, quickly. Premier Daniel Andrews has announced that they will be implementing a strict stay at home restrictions and the guidelines will be announced on Father’s Day itself, September 6.

Special Father's Day Gift Ideas You Can Avail Last Minute

Maybe you've been trying to come up with great ideas for weeks, but nothing was ever planned until today. Shopping for dads, step-dad, granddad, uncle, husband, or just a general father figure can be a tricky business. Especially if you want to top what you prepared in the past years.

To give you more ideas take a peek at some of these Father's Day gifts and surprises you can prepare without a sweat.

The Ever-Reliable Father’s Day Card

Similar to other holidays and celebrations, a greeting card with a personal note will always be a great idea. During these trying times, some words of appreciation, and encouragement can go a long way.

Creating a personalized card is not hard, you can check out the internet for tons of ideas. Well, everything is better if made from the heart.

If you want to make it extra sweet, you can add some treats your dad can indulge on Father’s Day. Instead of making him the usual cup of coffee, why not try an organic coffee mixed with premium Belgian chocolate.

Cards are already special but you can always make it better.

Audiobooks and Streaming Subscriptions

Being locked down inside our homes for several months can be boring. Most probably your dad misses his attending conferences about his interests or his Friday night dates at the movie theaters.

It will be a great Father’s Day gift if you give him some self-help audio books or just about any topic that he is interested in. You can also introduce him to some new hobbies while he is staying at home.

On the other hand, if your Dad is a fan of the movies, streaming subscriptions is one of the best gifts you can give him on Father’s Day. He can re-watch his favorite films with your Mom or you can set up a movie night on Sunday.

When you are already decided on what to do, you can always amplify the experience with some munchies. Try something healthier but still decadent. You and your parents can enjoy some almond clusters. Nuts and chocolates? 100%

Surprise Him With a Hearty Dinner

This will not surprise your Dad but your Mum as well. You can prepare a dinner date for them or for your whole family to celebrate your dad. You can check out some easy yet tasty recipes online that you think he’ll be enjoying.

If you don’t really cook, you can just prepare a simple main course and leave the dessert with some Father’s Day sweets. Look up some stores that offer a variety of treat you and your family can enjoy.

There are local Australian stores that deliver their products across the country so you have a lot of options.

Gift Hampers

If you live far from your father, you can always rely on the internet with gift ideas that you can still customize on your Father’s preferences.

Gift hampers are always a good idea. These are boxes full of stuff that your father will like. You can include his favorite drink, some condiments he can enjoy with his meals, and some treats that he can munch on in the middle of the night.

You can add extreme flavour profiles that could add to the tasty hamper you’re giving him. Speaking of experience, there are tasty treats that are made from locally grown flavours outside Australia that your dad can try. Well, there’s always time for something new.

Gadgets, Phones, And Car Accessories

If your dad is into technology and cars, why are you even having a hard time finding a gift? There are tons of options online you can choose from.

You can help your dad grow his business during this pandemic with a brand new laptop or phone. Or you can add a few accessories to his car to make it more stylish.

Buying him the stuff that he likes is practical. He can use it every day, in his work, or during his leisure time. It will be a good source of happiness for him during times of restrictions and uncertainty.

Final Thoughts

Father’s Day is a tradition that everyone will never be tired of celebrating. It is another special day to honor our dads, papa, daddy, father, or whatever you call your father figure. They are the ones who supported the family in every way he can. He is hardworking, loving, and protective all in one. It is just right to make him feel special especially during a pandemic.

However, if you are still figuring out what to give him, you can always give him a kiss, hug, or even a simple video call to remind him that you never have forgotten that day.

But remember, that even though it is not Father’s Day, we always must treat them when we have time. So make sure to check out local stores nearby if you want some special gifts and treats for your loved ones all year round.

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