Safe Yet Fun Ways to Celebrate Halloween During COVID-19 Pandemic

This year’s Halloween falls on a Saturday and a full moon is expected. It was supposed to be an epic celebration but because of the Coronavirus, there are tons of restrictions. Mass gatherings are prohibited and health safety protocols are followed.

But because everybody loves Halloween, it will never be another canceled holiday of 2020.

Halloween 2020 means we just need to be more creative on planning and thinking of ways on how to keep the spookiness and fun of Halloween remain despite being socially distant and in quarantine.

You never have to worry because we compiled a list of ways to safely celebrate Halloween at home. You will still have a taste of that Halloween sweets and chocolate you’ve been craving for.

Never be bummed out with the idea of Halloween at home. This list will give you a variety of ideas on how you can make everything extra special on October 31. Set aside your Halloween traditions and check out these quarantine Halloween ideas.

Of course, you still have to prepare the best costume you can think of and stock up on the best candy and chocolates of your choice.

Ways to Celebrate Halloween At Home During COVID-19 Pandemic

1. Go Extra on Your Decorations

Because you everyone has so much time planning and decorating, you can be all out on your Halloween home decors. This is the perfect year to pull out the stops decorating in and outside your home and make it more #InstaWorthy.

String up some lights or stuff some old clothes and create a headless scarecrow. You can be more extra and pull out a fog machine. You can also be a little more creative and make some DIY projects like lanterns, spiderwebs, bloodstains, and alike.

Another great idea to hype Halloween 2020 is by carving and decorating your pumpkins. You can host a family contest and ask neighbors to vote on their favorites.

However, pumpkins do not last for a long time, an alternative is just to grab a marker and draw on gourds for “carvings” with more staying power.

2. Prepare an Intimate Halloween Party

After you decorate, it will be a good idea to prepare a Halloween party at home. It will get your kids and family members more excited about the holiday. If you live with your friends, you can have a costume party, just make sure you practice social distancing.

For the kids, you can prepare several games and make the trick-or-treat candies and Halloween chocolates as prizes. You can check out Pinterest or simply Google simple DIY Halloween games. If there are games for kids, you should also prepare a few games for adults.

Another way to make things better is by preparing a Halloween playlist that you can shuffle all day long.

Just imagine it, you in your costume, dancing, or singing on your Halloween playlist. It’s just like your traditional Halloween costume party but now with social distancing and probably masks.

3. Virtual Costume Parties

If you live away from your family and friends, you can still celebrate Halloween with them. You can just send them electronic invites for your virtual costume party. Ask them to prepare their drinks and treats.

Of course, it will be better if you prepare some games that everyone can still participate in virtually. Plus, send them your Halloween playlist so you can enjoy the same vibes despite being apart.

One advantage of virtual costume parties is that you can enjoy any treat of your choice. No one will grab your favourite dark chocolate you’ve been saving for later indulgence. Also, you can save a few bucks on Halloween sweets for trick-or-treating.

4. Spooky Movie Marathon

If you are a fan of going ghost hunting and haunted house visits during Halloween, you might want to think of other ways to relive that tradition because it’s not possible this year.

A good recommendation is a movie marathon. You can screen Halloween-themed movies indoors or out if you have a projector and a screen or some other blank surface.

You can prepare several movies that are fit for everyone you are with during Halloween.

Give out some popcorns and of course, treats everybody to heighten the Halloween vibes. Just make sure so one is sharing food and drinks to avoid virus contamination. You know, just being extra safe.

You may also opt to require everyone attending to be in their costumes while you enjoy the movie marathon. Virtual meeting environments also have features that you can share screens, so you can also host a movie marathon virtually.

5. Pumpkin Decorating and Face Painting for Kids

These are Halloween traditions that are as safe and fun as ever.

Most kids are excited for Halloween but they cannot go in the usual trick-or-treating this year because of the restriction but you can still make them busy through pumpkin decoration and face painting.

You can just buy a few arts and crafts stuff and let them be creative in their designs. For face painting, you can prepare a catalog and let them choose what they want on Halloween.

When the carving is done, consider putting a battery-operated light rather than an open-flame candle inside. Moreover, you can keep the pumpkin seeds by roasting them and save for a healthier snack later after all the sweets.

6. Decorate Halloween Themed Treats

This can be a great family bonding idea for Halloween. You can just grab a recipe online and make it with the kids. This is another way to keep them busy while they are in their costumes during Halloween.

Even though they can’t go trick-or-treating, they can still enjoy some sweet goodies.

One advantage of preparing and decorating your treats is you can keep an eye on the ingredients. You can be more creative and put some “healthier” stuff there.

7. Prepare Halloween Dinner

Similar to any tradition, everyone always looks forward to the holiday dinner. You can order food, or you can make it extra special and prepare for your family.

You can level up your dinner by having some gourmet chocolates as desserts. You can have Halloween treats with out-of-the-box flavours to make more in theme but no one is stopping you to indulge in the usuals like milk and white chocolates.

Whatever food you have on Halloween, it will still be a memorable experience because of the Coronavirus.

Final Thoughts

It was a year full of unprecedented happenings but we can continue celebrating our favourite holidays like Halloween but in a safer way.

You must keep in mind that you can keep doing what you have been doing but you should avoid large gatherings, keep practicing social distancing, wear cloth face coverings, and always wash your hands.

Canceling Halloween may seem particularly harsh, considering all the challenges and disappointments kids have faced this year but these are just some of the ways on how you can still celebrate Halloween 2020.

If you want to celebrate Halloween but you have not enough time, you can go online shopping for your supplies, food, and even Halloween chocolates. 24/7 online shops will serve you the stuff you need.

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