Reasons Why Belgian Chocolate is so Good

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Belgian chocolate is high-quality chocolate perfect for every holiday and special occasion. It is often considered as the best kind of chocolate. However, Swiss chocolate is also considered by some as a good contender for that coveted title.

But we are not talking about the competition here, we will give you just a few reasons why this artisan chocolate is good and considered the best chocolate in the world.

Indeed, Belgian chocolate truly deserves all the recognition it has because of its rich history, distinct taste, and great craftsmanship behind it.

Although there are several types of Belgian chocolate, they all have something in common.

Brief History of Belgian Chocolate

Belgian is famous for many things, particularly in the food industry. However, many will agree if we say that Belgian chocolate is the most popular treat related to the nation.

More than 400 years ago since the chocolate industry was introduced to this particular type of chocolate. However, contrary to the popular belief, Belgian chocolate was not discovered and first made in Belgium. The cocoa beans used from the very first production of Belgian chocolates came from Central and South America.

It all began when the Spaniards who colonized certain parts of America brought these particular cocoa beans to Europe.

However, Belgian chocolatiers were the ones who began the process of developing machines that later on used to mix the beans and create a smooth, thin texture.

Also, far from the usual thought that chocolates are for indulgence and were treated as a dessert today, Belgian chocolates were initially sold as a medicine when it was first introduced to the public while abbey monks used them as gifts.

Reasons Why Belgian Chocolate is Good

Several things make Belgian chocolates good or for others the best type of chocolate.

It Has Distinct Components and Mixture

One reason why Belgian chocolate is good is because of its components.

If you visit Belgium, you will be surprised that chocolatiers there still use 100% cocoa butter which is one of the main components of real and good quality Belgian chocolate.

Aside from that Belgian chocolates have higher cocoa content compared to other chocolate types.

In fact, there is a law created around the proper components of Belgian chocolate.

In 1884, the required minimum of 35% cocoa must be used in creating this particular chocolate. This was their solution to the possibility of using low-quality ingredients and modifying the real recipe.

Belgian Chocolate Making is an Art

Aside from the ingredients, another reason why Belgian chocolate is good is because of the craftsmanship behind its production.

Belgian chocolate is artisan chocolate meaning it is handcrafted and made in a particular process.

When you learn more about famous Belgian chocolate brands, you’ll notice that one element that helped their success was their commitment to the traditional way of making these chocolates.

Despite it being a laborious process, many still choose to do it by hand. Aside from the art behind it, it is also a way of telling the story of the brand through its products.

Only a few chocolate makers can say they are still using their hands in making Belgian chocolates.

In fact, when small Belgian chocolate brands mention and actually show that they make their products by hand, it attracts tourists and it helps them gain popularity.

Belgian Chocolate Taste Great

Belgian chocolates are good because of their taste.

Because of the global popularity of Belgian chocolates, countries and cities around the world have adopted their distinct flavour profile to this artisan chocolate. They based it on their market and what their place is popular about.

Moreover, these Belgian chocolate makers include the origin of the cocoa beans they sourced, the local ingredients they have, and the overall cultural taste preferences in creating the flavour profile.

Belgian Chocolate Makers Follow Tradition

Probably another good reason behind the consistency with Belgian chocolate is that chocolate makers value their family traditions and stick to the recipe and quality they have been producing for years.

The milk chocolate and a classic chocolatier style of making pralines and truffles are widely known in Belgium.

For experts and chocolatiers, original Belgian chocolates are in the middle range of flavour profile with not too much of a range in flavour extremes. These artisan chocolates taste comforting and forward without too many distractions.

Another reason why these are good chocolates is the culture it built through the years.

The whole nation is celebrating and proud of their achievement in perfecting this chocolate and they want the world to know it.

When you visit Belgium, chocolates are treated very specially and locals take pride in their products.

It is a whole new Willy Wonka experience because they offer tours on different chocolate museums, they have actual chocolate routes, and of course, the best part, tasting authentic Belgian chocolate.

Final Thoughts

You can easily find shops that sell Belgian chocolates all over the world. People instantly fell in love with this tasty treat. However, not all “Belgian chocolate” labeled products are legit. YOu can easily be swayed at the grocery store.

You need to remember that premium Belgian chocolates are a bit more expensive than the average ones you often get at the nearby grocery. You should consider that these chocolates are made by hand, have a tradition to follow, a reputation to maintain, and a taste that needs to be on the spot.

However, even though there are indeed a few fakers out there, there are still online Belgian chocolate shops that follow the standard in making this artisan chocolate.

QQ La Praline is just one of a few online Belgian chocolate shops that are open 24/7. Their chocolatiers actually studied the craftsmanship and the flavour profile of Belgian chocolates in Belgium.

Their chocolates have no GMO and only use high-quality ingredients. Just the perfect mixture to create Belgian chocolate bars. Moreover, you can always choose from a wide range of both classics and out of the box flavours.

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