Out of The Box Christmas Chocolate Gift Ideas

If you are thinking of possible Christmas gifts despite being socially distant, sending chocolates to your loved ones can be the best and safest option.

Even though there are possibilities that formal gatherings and public holiday celebrations can be limited this year, you can still send your love and well-wishes during the upcoming season to your loved ones across states or countries.

You can never go wrong with a chocolate gift basket or sets of chocolate goodies sent out. Why? Because everybody’s face lights up when they see and taste chocolates. Add a little message and other goodies, for sure, you will melt your loved-ones hearts.

You will never need to line up at your local boutique chocolate shop and buy several boxes of chocolate bars or chocolate gift baskets. There are chocolate online shops that are willing to give you a hand in sending out these goodies.

Here we list down five chocolate - a mixture of baskets and bars, that you can avail online during the holiday season. These are the best tasting chocolates in the market today plus they are also made from high-quality ingredients.

Aside from that some of these stores also sell individual products that you can indulge on Christmas Day.

Why Chocolate is a Great Christmas Gift?

Giving out chocolate is an easy and probably last-minute option during the holiday season. However, people will never get tired of giving chocolates because of its versatility. You can give it in singles, as a set, or in a gift hamper. Chocolates can also be luxe making the usual everyday treat into an elevated Christmas present.

Gift-giving has been popular ever since the Victorian era. People began to exchange small toys, treats, and chocolate on Christmas Day. As chocolate production became more widespread towards the end of the 19th century, it became the gift of choice for many families.

Since then, people can’t imagine a life without chocolate during this particular holiday.

Through the years, chocolate has been a staple in every household and it comes in many forms. For example, nothing beats a warm cup of cocoa during Christmas Eve, a perfect cocoa is creamy and tasty. It is like a warm hug during the cold season.

During Christmas dinner, chocolates can be used as a ganache, or treat use them to make Christmas cookies.

Probably, everyone can agree that chocolates are more than just a gift. It is already part of every person’s life and receiving them on Christmas Day will just make things even better.

5 Chocolates Perfect as Christmas Gifts this 2020

So if you are now adding Christmas chocolates to your list, here are unique and season-themed chocolate bars and gift baskets that will make your Christmas shopping easier and more efficient.

1. Theo Chocolate Organic Fantasy Flavors Bars

Who will say no to a fat stack of chocolate bars tied up with string? Most probably this is one of the things on someone’s wishlist.

Theo is a Seattle-based chocolate company that makes organic and fair-trade chocolate. If you never heard of Theo, their chocolate bar collection is one of the best-handcrafted creation. This pack has a wide range of flavours, good for anyone on your nice list.

This organic flavour chocolate bar set contains Bread and Chocolate (70 percent dark with buttery breadcrumbs and salt); Cinnamon Horchata (warmly spiced milk chocolate); Hazelnut Crunch (milk chocolate with hazelnut brittle); Root Beer Barrel (crunchy root beer candy in dark chocolate); and Grapefruit Ginger (zesty, citrusy dark chocolate).

Aside from this selection, Theo also offers 24 other items and flavours that you can mix and match for your family and friends’ tastes. This is perfect for sharing at the office or at home.

2. Neuhaus Grand Christmas Celebration Gift Basket

Neuhaus has been making chocolates for over 160 years, therefore, this gift basket is perfect for sharing with your grandpa or grandma just to bring their childhood memories back.

Also, this is the perfect chocolate gift basket for your whole family because there is a variety of flavours and chocolate types fit for every family member. The basket contains milk, white and dark chocolates to assorted chocolates, and bonbons all festively packaged in luxe red and green gift boxes.

To top that, Neuhaus is one of the high-end chocolate brands from Belgium so it is a must during a special occasion.

3. Exclusive Premier Brands Chocolates Gift Basket

If you want to impress the recipients of your chocolate gift basket and add more varieties aside from Neuhaus, this is the option for you.

This gift basket contains all luxe chocolate brands you can think of. You can find all the top chocolatiers’ goodies all in one delicious basket.

The basket features an assortment of chocolates from Neuhaus Chocolatier, Kohler Original Recipe, Godiva, Vosges, and Simply Chocolate. The basket has a festive copper finish and metallic ribbon and is filled with chocolate bars, truffles, caramel terrapins, and more.

4. Limited Edition Tony's Chocolonely bars

If you have a friend or a relative that has curious tastebuds, gift them a selection of Tony’s Chocolonely’s limited edition chocolate bars.

The selection contains milk chocolate honeycomb thyme, white chocolate turmeric chai coconut; and a vegan dark chocolate chili fudge pink peppercorn. This can be the best and most well-thought chocolate gift they can receive this Christmas so never miss the chance.

All of the chocolate bars are wrapped in colorful packaging.

Aside from good-tasting chocolates Tony’s Chocolonely also dedicates their service to eradicating slavery in the chocolate industry. What’s better than that thought while enjoying their chocolates?

5. QQ La Praline’s Nutty Christmas Date

Christmas is like another Valentine’s Day. Everyone has love and joy inside their hearts. Also, it is a great season to celebrate your love and admiration for the people around you.

If you are still looking for a date or if you are planning to take the relationship to the next level, this nutty Christmas Date chocolate bar can be your first step.

Giving the usual chocolate bar can be boring nowadays, make it more exciting and add a little pun by sending that special person this chocolate with a short message.


Yearly Christmas shopping can be stressful but this year everything is different. Despite the limitations, you can still send out love to your family and friends through the mail.

You will never have to worry about the mobilization and stress of purchasing because there are online chocolate stores that can assist your needs 24/7.

Final note, place your orders as soon as possible to secure that your gifts will be sent out on Christmas Day!

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