Ideas on How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day 2021

It’s Valentine’s Day again, a day that people celebrate love, romance, and affection but it is not exclusive for romantic couples. This day is also a celebration of friendship and admiration. However, similar to other holidays and special occasions in the recent year, Valentine’s Day is not cancelled but there are limitations. There is still an ongoing pandemic and people are choosing more low-key and intimate celebrations.

Aside from the red decorations, precious flowers, and tasty bars of Belgian chocolates for Valentine’s Day, we listed down other ideas on how you can celebrate this special day safe and COVID-19 free.

8 Ways to Safely Celebrate Valentine’s Day 2021

This pandemic is tough but there are still ways to celebrate love this weekend. Here are simple, safe, and creative ways to continue the annual celebration of Valentine’s Day. Whether you are celebrating self-love, romantic love, or just love in general, we have ideas for you.

1. Cook A Meal

For the past year, people have been staying at home and many of you have tried cooking and baking as their new hobby. This Valentine’s let your loved ones taste your special recipe, whether it’s a meal or a dessert, you will find your way to their hearts.

You can also make this as a bonding time with your partner or kids. Meals are always special if it is shared with the people you love. This simple yet thoughtful gesture will definitely make everyone’s day extraordinary despite being at home.

2. Plan a Game Night

Relax and release some tension from work and all of the things happening in the world by getting competitive.

If you and your partner or family are competitive, planning a game night can be a great way to bond. You can plan games for the kids and for the oldies, of course, some games for the couples. Start searching for new games as well as the classic ones for everyone’s enjoyment.

3. Host a Virtual Party

Distance is nothing if you make an effort to connect to people.

Similar to other past celebrations, hosting a virtual party is always a safe idea. Through the advancement of technology, every loved one from around the globe can celebrate with you. You can list down games or questions that you can throw during the party.

4. Movie Night

Tired of all the Zoom meetings and online interactions, you can always browse through Netflix. You can be intimate and have a romantic movie marathon with your partner. You can cook your favorite meal or just call the delivery guy for some pizza.

Another great idea to combine with a movie marathon is to have some wine and chocolates for Valentine’s. You can make it extra special by decorating your space and setting up the part of the house where you will watch the movies.

5. Exchange Gifts

Valentine’s Day is all about love and appreciation and for some they express it through gifts. There are tons of stuff you can give your loved ones this Valentine’s. You can create a care package, or buy a bouquet of flowers. But if your special someone has a sweet tooth, it is best to buy him or her chocolates and some treats.

Belgian chocolates for Valentine’s Day is one of the best options you can think of. Real Belgian chocolates are high-quality and way better tasting than those you buy at your local grocery store.

If you are having a hard time thinking what to get for your partner, chocolate as a gift will never fail you.

6. Write Love Letters or Letters of Appreciation

Put a smile on your loved ones face by expressing your genuine feelings for them this Valentine’s Day.

If you are too shy to tell a person you admire him/her, try writing a letter. You can write a poem, a letter of appreciation or gratitude, or the classic love letter. In an era when everything seems so instant, dedicating time and effort on writing will earn you extra love points. You can also easily pair these letters or cards with flowers or chocolates to make it extra sweet.

7. Decorate and Relive Your First Date

Surprising your partner with this kind of date is a great idea. Whether you’ve been together for a year or a decade, you can always relive the first Valentine’s date. You can decorate your space or you can reserve seats at the restaurant you went to that day.

This will bring back so many memories you can reminisce about.

8. Dress Up

Whether you are staying at home or planning a safe and memorable trip, dressing up for Valentine’s will make your day extra special. Pull out some matching outfits with your kids or your partner and do whatever comes to your mind that day. What’simportant is you celebrate your love for one another. Also, it is a break from the all year round of sweatpants and tank tops.

Wrapping Up

COVID-19 did not stop everyone from finding ways to celebrate last 2020. What more now? People are getting more and more creative with their ideas on celebrating every holiday and special days.

Virtual celebrations, online live concerts, video calling, and others. People are maximizing the Internet to keep everyone updated. This pandemic created a “new normal” and we all need to adapt.

Online stores like QQ Lapraline are also a great help for those who are away from their loved ones but still want to express their love through chocolate gifts this Valentine’s Day. It is a safe yet thoughtful way of being connected to those you love and adore.

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