Helpful Guide to Buying Belgian Chocolate

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When people think of premium, handcrafted chocolates, Belgian chocolates are always going to be one of the top choices.

Chocolate enthusiasts know that Belgian chocolates are top-tier, however, most of them are not aware which brands truly represent that ideal.

Nowadays, there are plenty of Belgian chocolate brands in the market that promise the best quality and taste on their products, therefore, buyers are often confused about what to buy.

Oftentimes, these chocolate products just differ in prices, packaging, and availability.

Guide In Buying The Best Belgian Chocolate

When buying chocolates, there are several factors you need to look after to make sure you get high-quality chocolates.

Aside from the taste, texture, and affordability, we have a short and simple list of things you need to consider when you decide to buy Belgian chocolates.

1. Look for the Ingredients

Today, online shopping has been a trend. It is a more efficient way of buying goods. Moreover, it is easier to find product information online.

Consumers are wiser and more cautious these days. On the other hand, business owners also have the freedom to tell their customers anything and everything about their products.

Therefore, with the Internet be sure to read and verify the label of ingredients on your chocolate because this is one of the easiest ways to spot poor quality.

Generally speaking, the shorter the list, the better. The only necessary ingredients in chocolate are cacao and sugar, plus milk if you are buying milk chocolate. Therefore, there is no need for a complicated list of ingredients.

However, there are Belgian chocolate suppliers that maximize the quality of it by mixing it with fruits and nuts, or even spices. These inclusions are obviously fine with Belgian chocolates so there is no need for extra preservatives.

2. Verify the Information

Aside from ingredients, most Belgian chocolate suppliers have other claims aside from its quality and taste. With these unique qualities, their products can be more appealing to customers.

Here are a few of the important information you need to look in a high-quality and legit Belgian chocolate bar.

  • Origin of the cacao. This can be the country or the particular plantation where the cacao was sourced. This will help you determine the quality of the cacao.

  • Organic or non-GMO certified

  • Recycled packaging

The more transparent the company, the more trustworthy it tends to be.

In addition, you can take a bit of time to research not just about the ingredients but also look for updates about your supplier.

It’s good to know more about how they make and produce their products so that you can build a level of trust with each company. Oftentimes, businesses have their websites where you can find almost all of the information you need.

3. Beware of Chocolate Marketed as a Health Product

In relation to verifying the information, you need to make sure the health claims of the product you are buying is legitimate.

These days, more chocolate enthusiasts are also getting more health-conscious. They tend to buy more dark chocolate because of its health benefits.

Indeed dark chocolates are more recommended than other types. It has less sugar and some excellent nutritional values in cacao. However, it should not be considered as a healthy treat.

Take note that oftentimes companies that market themselves as a healthier option sell lesser quality chocolate.

Moreover, be cautious of Belgian chocolates that describe itself as ‘raw’, as this is often misleading.

4. Be Willing to Pay More for Quality

Handcrafted chocolate shops are popping across the streets or over the Internet. But these chocolatiers can produce truly unique products over commercially produced chocolates because they are using premium ingredients, which can offset the higher price.

However, these chocolatiers have proven that the extra dollars are worth it. They produce high-quality and delicious chocolates.

Oftentimes, these chocolates are made from rare varieties of high-quality cacao and ingredients locally sourced.

Moreover, these makers of premium chocolates also support causes like sustainability. Therefore, next time you cash out a few bucks for a bar of chocolate, don’t hesitate because the taste and the causes behind the product are worth it.

Final Thoughts

What’s considered “good chocolate” is definitely in the taste buds of the buyer. It’s as much a personal choice as a style top you want to wear on a certain occasion, supporting your favorite football team all year round, or simply queuing just to have a sip of your daily dose of coffee.

Belgian chocolates are often imitated and claimed by some brands because they know that buyers will often consider it over other products on the market because it is one of the premium chocolates, however, you can just prove it until you smell and taste the product.

In a global situation like this, you can still indulge yourself with the best Belgian chocolates online. Just look for the local chocolatiers that can give you that best chocolate experience.

By just scrolling through their site, you can immediately know if they are selling the best or just another normal chocolate.

You are in a good position if you have several options to choose from. You can also check out the reviews from their previous customers.

When your chocolate arrives, it must be well packaged and blemish-free. After that, you can now smell the chocolate, you should smell the chocolate and/or the mixed ingredient you have.

After that, you will be the one to judge the taste of the chocolate. However, here are a few signs of worthy Belgian chocolate: it should be smooth and have a velvety mouthfeel. The flavor should build up gradually and not burst up once.

Moreover, legit Belgian chocolate should linger even after you have finished eating it. Your taste buds know what a high-quality and good tasting chocolate is, so trust them when it comes to choosing chocolate.

If you checked all the boxes, you now have a bar of premium Belgian chocolate.

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