Finding the Best Belgian Chocolate in the Market Today

Belgian chocolate is a luxury chocolate but it is not hard to find this type of chocolate if ever you are craving for one today or if you are thinking of a gift in the future.

This type of chocolate is often regarded as the best kind of chocolate, however, other chocolate enthusiasts consider Swiss chocolate to be a strong contender. But today, we are not comparing, rather we are giving you ideas on where to find this chocolate and how to make sure you are buying the best Belgian chocolates in the market.

Guide In Buying The Best Belgian Chocolate

When buying chocolates, there are several factors you need to look after to make sure you get high-quality chocolates.

The rich history, distinct flavor, and excellent craftsmanship makes it one of the best types of chocolates. However, there is a wide range of options in the market today. We listed down things you need to consider when you decide to buy Belgian chocolates.

Aside from the taste, texture, and affordability, these are the immediate details you can look for when you want a high-quality Belgian chocolate.

1. Read and Review the Listed Ingredients

As online shopping has continuously become popular in recent years, consumers have been smarter and more vigilant in recent years. It is a more cost-effective method of purchasing products and it is an easier way for consumers to look up the product details across the Internet.

Company owners, on the other hand, have the freedom to share whatever information they want the consumers want to know about their goods. As a responsible consumer, you need to make sure to read and double-check the ingredients of the Belgian chocolates and other products you are interested in buying.

With the ingredients alone, you can easily identify if the product is not fit for the Belgian chocolate standards. You have to remember that the only necessary ingredients in chocolate are cacao and sugar, plus milk if you are buying milk chocolate. Therefore, there is no need for a complicated list of ingredients.

However, other suppliers produce unique and special Belgian chocolate flavours and mixtures to offer a wider variety for the market. Some are mixing it with fruits and nuts, or even spices. These inclusions are obviously fine with Belgian chocolates so there is no need for extra preservatives.

2. Verify the Information

There are a few of the important information you need to look in a high-quality and legit Belgian chocolate bar. First, you need to know the origin of the cacao. This can be the country or the particular plantation where the cacao was sourced. This will help you determine the quality of the cacao. Good source of cacao can result in a good quality of chocolates.

Next, you need to determine if the chocolate you are eyeing is organic or non-GMO certified. Lastly, you can consider the packaging, if it is recycled or if it is sustainable.

The more open a business is, the more trustworthy it is. In addition, you should devote some time to researching not only the ingredients, but also the status of the seller in the market. It will be better if you read reviews and customer feedback so you know you are getting your money’s worth.

3. Pay for the Quality of Your Chocolate

Handcrafted chocolate sellers are like mushrooms sprouting across the market and the Internet. Handcrafted products are different from those you buy from the groceries and local pharmacies, the process and the ingredients are more intricate and high-quality, thus, some can be a bit pricey than those regular ones.

However, these chocolatiers will make sure that your extra money is well worth it. They sell tasty and high-quality chocolates. These chocolates are often made with unique varieties of high-quality cacao and locally grown ingredients.

Top 5 Best Belgian Chocolates Available Online

Here are some of the best Belgian chocolates we can find in the market today. Good news is these products are available online so you can get them without risking yourself outside.

1. Vosges Exotic Truffle

These truffles can range from the usual chocolates with cherries, hazelnuts, and other more traditional fillings to Oaxaca truffle, that uses guajillo and pasilla chilies with 75% cacao Tanzanian dark chocolate and pumpkin seeds, or the Naga truffle is filled with sweet Indian curry and coconut that's covered by 45% cacao deep milk chocolate.

This set of exotic truffles is worth checking out because the makers are using unique flavours that will make every sweet tooth curious.

2. Neuhaus Dark Collection

Neuhaus has been making chocolates since 1857 and their pralines are just one of the best made.Through the years, this company has established its name across the industry.

It also developed better quality ingredients to incorporate with their chocolate offerings.This chocolate brand uses non-GMO ingredients making it fall under the higher quality chocolates.

Neuhaus offers a Dark Collection which is a 12-piece box that contains some of the very best dark chocolates which includes pralines, ganaches, caramels, and more. This type of chocolate product is a good option as gifts.

3. QQ La Praline

QQ La Praline is a local Belgian chocolate shop in Melbourne. This online store offers gourmet chocolate bars and other treats like almond clusters, all handcrafted by artisan chocolatiers.

All chocolates are made out of premium Belgian couverture combined with locally sourced ingredients without palm oil nor GMO.

This store offers a wide range of chocolate options - Crunchy Treats, Deliciously Thin, Country of Origin, or Bulk.

Crunchy treats is a collection of chocolates mixed with nuts, honeycomb, biscuits, and other locally sourced ingredients that will give it an extra crunch and texture.

On the other hand, the deliciously thin collection is made from quality couverture chocolates mixed with unique spices that will give you an extraordinary experience.

The Country of Origin collection is a set of dark chocolates that features local flavours from a variety of countries across the globe - Uganda, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, and Vietnam.

4. Jacques Torres' Chocolate

This chocolate box is perfect for those who got the “personality”. Jacques Torres' created a fun, colourful, and diverse set of chocolates. You can get a little taste of almost everything the chocolatier has to offer. This is loaded with fillings and coatings, and it features tons of flavours like cream, passionfruit, melon, raspberry, strawberry, pineapple, coconut, various citruses, teas, wines, spirits, gold leaf, and more.

This will definitely give you a burst of flavours inside your mouth.

5. Melt Vegan Chocolate

Who said Belgian chocolates cannot be healthy?

Melt Chocolates are handmade, and all the recipes designed in-house. This vegan chocolate pack includes four dark chocolate truffles with ganache and four praline cups topped with crunchy nuts. Of course, let’s not forget that this chocolate is vegan-friendly.

Wrapping Up

It is easy to find stores online that sell anything and everything, but if you are looking for the Belgian chocolate gifts for your loved ones, giving them the best is the only option.

Remember to check out local online stores nearby because most of these shops make handcrafted products and support local suppliers of ingredients. It is a good way to enjoy a good bar of Belgian chocolate while consuming local produce.

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