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Updated: Apr 9

Easter is just around the corner. Never miss out on the celebration despite being safe and healthy at the comfort of your home. Easter eggs and Easter chocolates are already part of the tradition so why miss having them across the house and on the dinner table?

QQ La Praline has a wide range of a limited edition Easter Egg collection that will complete all the festivities at home. It offers a range of flavours and sets for everyone’s satisfaction.

You can send out Easter Gift boxes to your loved ones across Australia. You have the option to send out egg packs or easter hampers.

QQ Lapraline Easter Egg Collection

Satisfy your cravings with these high-quality Belgian chocolates specially curated for the Easter holiday. Send some love and care to your family and friends through this selection.

1. Easter Hamper

If you want both kids and adults to enjoy this Easter celebration, the best option is to get the Easter chocolate hamper. You can still host an Easter egg hunt for the kids using a variety of egg packs included - Tutti Frutti, Let's go nuts, and Cafe Creme.

Leave the easter egg chocolates to the kids and let the adults enjoy a range of flavours from the chocolate bars included in the hamper. It includes several of the best-selling chocolate bars and a bonus pack of chocolate caramelized cocoa nibs.

This Easter hamper is also a great holiday gift to your relatives, friends, and colleagues across the country. This hamper is packed with tons of flavours, thus, it is best enjoyed with your loved ones.

2. Easter Egg Packs

QQ La Praline’s Easter egg pack offers six different flavours that could cater to every tastebud and satisfy the craving this coming weekend. These flavours are:

a. Nutty White

If you are a fan of the sweet and tasty flavour of white chocolate, celebrate Easter with

this egg pack. You can also experience a nutty crunch from the pistachio praline for an

added texture and taste.

b. Nutty Dark

Fan of healthier options? Try this Nutty Dark Egg pack. The almond & hazelnut praline

blends perfectly with the quality and taste of the Belgian dark chocolate used in

creating these easter eggs.

c. Nutty Milk

Taste and experience the smoothness of hazelnut praline blended in Belgian milk

chocolate with this Easter egg pack. It is blended just right perfect for both kids and


d. Cafe Creme

If you like the combination of chocolate and coffee in your mouth, this is the best easter

egg pack for you. It also has a caramelized white chocolate egg if you like additional

sweetness on your easter chocolate.

e. Tutti Frutti

Sweet, tangy, and chocolatey? Check out this tutti frutti pack that includes strawberry,

raspberry, and passion fruit flavours. This will surely be a hit for the kids and kids at


f. Let’s Go Nuts

This easter egg pack includes all the nutty chocolate flavours so you can enjoy

everything. It is a pack of nutty and smooth eggs stuffed with praline.

Also, QQ La Praline offers an I Want It All pack which is a set composed of three egg packs - Cafe Creme, Tutti Frutti, and Let’s Go Nuts. All Easter Egg packs have 16 eggs best to indulge while celebrating at home.

QQ La Praline offers deliveries across Australia. You can place your orders as early as today to secure a pack of tasty Easter chocolate eggs in the coming weekend. Aside from these packs, you can also buy additional chocolate products available because you cannot have enough chocolates especially this Easter holiday.

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