Bulk Buy Chocolates: Why Is It The Best Option for Your Business?

If you are planning to expand your food business, adding chocolate to the menu can be a great idea and buying chocolates in bulk is a great option. You can give your customers high quality products in a more cost-effective way of sourcing supplies. Plus, everyone loves a good tasting chocolate so you have immediate sales already.

As an entrepreneur, you must always keep in mind what is the best option for the business. It is just right to find a trust-worthy wholesale chocolate supplier. Indeed, you are buying in bulk but you never want to compromise the quality, the production process, and the ingredients used to make the bars of chocolates you will distribute on your shelves and sell to your valued customers just to give you an idea, a wholesale chocolate supplier sells its products to other businesses such as retail chains, grocers, and restaurants. They distribute it with a wholesale price list which is cheaper than the regular price you will get if you buy per bar.

Top 6 Reasons Why Buying From A Wholesale Chocolate Supplier Is Good

Planning to spice up your menu? Add a good selection of chocolate bars or any chocolate-flavoured treats on your menu, here are some reasons why bulk buy chocolates is good.

Themed Chocolates During Special Occasions

When you partner with a trendy supplier, you can also enjoy themed chocolates, there are limited options every once in a while especially during holidays. Having a limited selection on your menu can spark curiosity and can attract more sales.

Most commercial and popular brands do this marketing move but you can still generate your sales by providing better quality and more specialised bars of chocolates for your customers during the holidays and special occasions like Valentine’s and Halloween.

Lucky for you if you suppliers are open for custom orders. These orders are for birthdays, weddings, or any other special occasions. You have the benefit of mixing and matching the flavours and themes you can think of.


Buying bulk chocolates is typically less expensive per unit. Wholesale suppliers give cheaper prices with the same quality of products than those you can buy in singles. This is a good option for every business size because it can save you money from your budget.

Again, you can never sacrifice the quality of chocolates you sell so it is a must to check what are the ingredients and the chocolate making process of your supplier.

Partnering with a trustworthy wholesale chocolate supplier is not a compromise for your business rather a smart entrepreneurial move.

Less Packaging

More frequent trips to buy chocolate supplies mean more trash because of packaging. You can lessen the hassle of cleaning and tidying up if you buy in bulk. On top of that, you can help your community and the environment because of less packaging.

Good wholesale chocolate supplier will make sure to pack safely in organized boxes. You will never have to worry about sorting too because your supplier will do it for you.

Availability Online

Similar to less packaging, buying in bulk also lessens the hassle of purchasing. You can just drop your order on a weekly or monthly basis. This will all depend on your observation of your sales. You can simply discuss this with your supplier so you never run out of chocolates.

There are some wholesale chocolate suppliers that provide hassle-free ordering on their site. Everything is online so you will never need to go out and block a time just to get supplies. A more convenient way of sourcing for entrepreneurs who run their business alone.

These online suppliers are the best type because you can find exactly what you from sizes, flavours, prices, and other information all in one site.

These days, we need to be extra careful so forget about scanning crowded aisles at the grocery stores, and just jump into the Internet and find the best wholesale chocolate supplier fit for your budget and taste. Also, everything gets delivered right where you need it.

On-Hand Supply of Chocolates

Another benefit of ordering in bulk is you never run out of supplies. In case your storage is starting to get spacious, you will know it and can plan ahead. There's nothing more disappointing than an empty chocolate storage. More so, if you miss a sale because you don’t have any on-hand supply.

Furthermore, you will also notice what types, or flavours are quickly to run out or the best sellers. By observing these things, you can adjust the number of your supplies so you can cater to more customers and increase your sales.

If you start reselling chocolates, you will be amazed how quickly those supplies can run out, especially if you sell good tasting, mouthwatering, and best quality Belgian chocolates.

Ensuring the Quality of Products

If you find a supplier that values quality, you are in the right hands. These days, it is hard to look for chocolate sellers that use high-quality ingredients, handcraft their products, or use no preservatives.

However, there are still stand out businesses that offer bulk ordering but still consider quality, taste, and appearance of the products. Some suppliers still make chocolate the traditional, handcrafted way so you can guarantee the highest standards for assessing the freshness of the chocolate products.

In Australia, there are still businesses that offer products that are fresh and free from GMO and other preservatives. On the side note, these chocolate products must be stored in the best condition to maintain freshness and premium taste and quality.

Wrapping Up

Any one who buys or receives a bar of chocolate will definitely be in an instant good mood, hence, selling chocolates is a good business idea. However, like any other product in the market, you need to make sure that you offer the best.

Partnering with a trusted wholesale chocolate supplier allows you to open endless possibilities. You can add these products to your existing list of items or you can start your own reselling business. For some buying wholesale can be intimidating but it is a cheaper option if you enjoy indulging with chocolate or any other treats you want.

If you are thinking of investing in wholesale chocolates, check out QQ La Praline. We offer a wide range of flavoured chocolates and other treats aside from bars of chocolates. This is your chance to amplify your menu or start a small business.

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