Best Valentines Day Gifts in 2021

Similar to the past holidays and special occasions, sending out Valentine's gifts to show your affection to your loved ones this weekend will always be a perfect gesture.

If you are running out of time, planning and thinking of what to get this Valentine’s Day, you can never go wrong with a care package or a box of chocolates.

Chocolates have been part of the annual celebration of Valentine’s Day. Even during regular holidays, birthdays, and random days, a mouth watering high quality chocolate is a good idea.

Aside from these little tasty gifts, friends, family, and couples usually go out for a special dinner or a trip during this season, however, the world has already adapted to the new normal. Dinner dates, romantic trips, and celebrations are different now and most people are settling on virtual dates and door-to-door deliveries.

The pandemic forced people to find new ways to celebrate and we prepared a list of other things you can consider doing this Valentine’s Day.

Top 7 Valentines Gifts for Your Loved Ones

Some businesses are slowly getting back on track, you can already book a special dinner date with your partner and enjoy Valentine’s Day as usual. However, if you are stuck at home there are still easy yet thoughtful ways to express your love on that special day.

Here are seven ways and gift ideas that you can choose from.

1. Breakfast in Bed

We are all stuck at home, even our work and office responsibilities are done at home. Make your home feel cozy and comforting again by preparing breakfast in bed for your loved one.

Cancel all your food deliveries for the day and make an effort to cook for your partner or your family. It is a simple gesture but it will always be the thought that counts.

A simple breakfast meal served with a cup of coffee will definitely brighten up his/her day. If you want to maximize your day, you can also prepare lunch and dinner.

2. Prepare a Hand-Written Letter

In this day and age, people are all stuck on their phones. We are dealing with Zoom meetings, online classes, and work from home set-ups. Hand-written notes seem to be extra special in this era of smartphones and instant messages.

Dedicate time and write something for your special someone. It can be a love letter or a poem. Tell them how much you appreciate and admire them. Express your thoughts through writing, things that you don’t tell them often. If you are into visual arts, you can sketch or paint something for them.

Creating something is a less expensive yet thoughtful gesture that your loved ones will definitely appreciate this Valentine’s Day.

3. Set up a Care Package

If you will celebrate Valentine’s Day away from your loved ones, sending out a care package is a great idea. You can create a list of the things you want them to have and write down simple notes to remind them how much you care for them.

During a pandemic, a care package with essential items is definitely one of the best gifts anyone can receive. Make it more special by adding extra touch and putting some personal items that could remind them about you.

1. Buy a Bouquet of Flowers

A set of flowers is one of the easiest gifts on any occasion. Level up your bouquet of flowers by adding some extra personal touch or by pairing it with a bar of chocolate.

2. Send a Valentine Hamper

A hamper is almost similar to a care package, however, purchasing a hamper from a trusted store will only give you all the best and quality products on the market today. Most hampers on the market are curated by the seller so you don’t have to worry about the stuff you will get for your loved ones.

Chocolate hampers are popular today so make sure you only get the best products. Choose a store that offers high quality and unique chocolates.

Buying chocolates is also easy nowadays because there are online stores that are open 24/7 to accommodate your orders. Aside from flowers, chocolates is another easy yet special gift idea this Valentine’s Day.

3. Share a Bottle of Wine

If you have no time for a dinner date out, you can set-up a romantic date night at the comfort of your homes. And how will a dinner date be complete without a bottle of wine? Sharing a bottle of wine with your special someone over dinner or while watching a movie is definitely a good way to celebrate Valentine’s.

A good bottle of wine is also great if paired with a high-quality and good tasting chocolate. The sweetness of wine can be balanced by the bittersweetness of a dark Belgian chocolate.

4. Buy a Stuffed Toy

Ever since the pandemic started, human interaction has been limited. Hugs and kisses were also prohibited for some time. If you have been away from your loved ones for a long time, you can send out some stuffed animals to them so they have something to cling on to while you are away.

You can dress your gift with your clothes or spray your scent, so your partner will always remember you.

Sending stuffed animals is also another classic gift during Valentine’s Day but it became extra special especially if physical touch is limited.

Ever since the spread of the Coronavirus, celebrating special occasions and holidays has become difficult. However, the world is slowly adapting to the new normal.

This Valentine’s Day you can still make things extra special. Online businesses are all over the Internet and you can send out gifts to your friends and loved ones efficiently.

Not even a pandemic can ever stop Valentine’s Day this year.

However, you need to make sure you get what you pay for. Find an online store that only offers the best quality of products and services.

If your special someone has a sweet tooth, check out QQ La Praline. We accept orders and deliver high quality Belgian chocolates across Australia.

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