Best Places To Buy Handcrafted Chocolates Online

The economical damage of COVID-19 caused a lot of changes in the business sector. More businesses, particularly the small ones and start-ups are still trying to mend the blow of this unprecedented pandemic.

The initial step of businesses to cope is to go online and maximise the digital landscape. Many are creating their own online presence while others saw this as an opportunity to start their own online businesses.

The chocolate industry is no stranger to this situation. Many locals are establishing handcrafted chocolate businesses to thrive during this pandemic.

If you are a chocolate lover, support those who are affected by this crisis by buying goodies especially in the upcoming holiday season.

There are local businesses who provide excellent quality of artisan chocolates and gourmet chocolate gift boxes which can elevate gift giving this season.

There are tons of great chocolate businesses you can check out, from the best handcrafted chocolate on Amazon to online handcrafted chocolate retailers. So you don't have to worry that you will have a hard time thinking of gifts this Christmas.

Things to Consider When Buying Handcrafted Chocolates

Surprise Yourself with Flavours

You can always choose the traditional and popular brands which you can often grab from local groceries. However, not all grocery stores offer artisan chocolates so why not let yourself be surprised and choose the flavours that are unique. Be more adventurous and get something extraordinary.

Most of the time, online chocolate stores have these options. They have a wide variety of flavours because they have the freedom to explore and try mixtures for their artisan chocolates.

Variety of Options

Choose an online store that can offer you tons of flavours. Again, you can always grab the usual mass-produced chocolates anywhere so might as well explore other brands that have flavours you never had before.

Find a store that offers other products aside from chocolate bars, with this, you can enjoy other handcrafted treats that you can select from when you celebrate special occasions or holidays.


Most handcrafted chocolate sellers use little to none preservatives. So you might need to consider how they will deliver and what are the things to look after so you can still enjoy the best quality of chocolates.

Handcrafted chocolate is a perfect gift option. So take a look on the conditions or options on how to make your gifts extra special. If you luckily chose a great online seller, you can set a new trend of gift giving among your friends and family.

Marketing Benefits of Handcrafted Chocolates

Just by mentioning that your store sells handcrafted chocolates will spark tons of interest among chocolate lovers. No one passed on artisan and good quality chocolates. Customers will always check out stuff that is handcrafted whether it is clothing, food, or treats.

Did you know that Belgian chocolates are popular because of their chocolate craftsmanship?

There are still many local chocolate shops in the country that opt to make their chocolates traditionally, meaning there are still artisan chocolatiers there. This fact attracts more tourists and increases the popularity of Belgium when it comes to this particular industry.

Handcrafted chocolates are artworks so use this as an advantage forn

your brand. However, you will still be needing to prove this to you customers especially if your platform is online. Customers are more cautious with their purchase, therefore, make sure you are a certified artisan chocolatier to reap the benefits.

Best Online Shops to Buy Handcrafted Chocolates

This list of brands are either found across Amazon or own their online stores. These are the top handcrafted chocolate brands available in the online market today in terms of pricing, taste, and craftsmanship of the chocolates.

Pralus Chocolate

75% Dark Chocolate. This is a product you can easily find across Amazon. Pralus chocolates are made with malagasy cacao from the farm of Francois Pralus.

This dark chocolate bar has strong flavours. It is special because it is crafted in the traditional French style using extra cocoa butter and a heavier roast.

Dick Taylor Chocolates

Another handcrafted chocolate floating across Amazon. This dark chocolate has a chocolatey base mixed with a fruity finish. The cacao seeds of this chocolate originated from Belize.

French Broad Chocolates

You can also find this handcrafted milk chocolates online. This brand has an elevated take on the ordinary and traditional malted milk balls. They create quality milk chocolate bars that will remind you of your childhood.


This handcrafted milk chocolate is extra special because compared to others it has a high cacao percentage and the chocolatiers add a splash of goat’s milk. This additional ingredient gives a subtle spice that emphasizes the sweet cocoa in this milk chocolate. Also, it is probably one of the healthiest milk chocolates because of high cocoa content.


This brand is new across the fine and handcrafted chocolate space. Also, their chocolate bars are more affordable compared to others but they still make quite a tasty product.

This bar leans towards the Swiss ideal of a milky chocolate. It has the delightful cocoa aroma and the smooth texture and dairy-rich finish expected on every white and milk chocolate bar.

QQ La Praline

Compared to other brands on this list, QQ La Praline is a local chocolate online shop owned by chocolatiers based in Melbourne.

All of their chocolate products from bars and other treats like almond clusters are handcrafted by artisan chocolatiers. This chocolate brand crafts its chocolate from premium Belgian couverture combined with locally sourced ingredients without palm oil nor GMO.

This local store has a wide range of flavours from the original and classic flavours on the market up to those out of the box flavours, only a few chocolatiers can offer.

Their chocolates are perfect as gifts or personal treats for everyone. They have a special set of chocolate bars, perfect for people who want to explore different tastes.

Final Thoughts

Any online store can claim that their products are handcrafted and high quality, therefore, you need to make sure to check reviews to prove that you are getting your money's worth.

Handcrafted chocolates may be more pricey than regular chocolate bars but it will be definitely worth it when you taste one.

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