Best Christmas Gifts for Your Family and Friends This 2020

Christmas, just like other holidays this 2020 will be celebrated differently from previous years. It is pretty obvious that there are still health threats out there but it is still not a hindrance to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year.

2020 Christmas and the upcoming New Year pose new beginnings from this roller coaster year. Thus, expressing your love and care for your family and friends by giving the best Christmas gift ideas is still a heartfelt effort.

Gift giving this Christmas season is just a reminder that you still remember them despite the distance and tons of things to catch up.

Struggles of Christmas Shopping

Christmas gift-giving is probably one of your family’s traditions and thinking of gifts for your family and friends has been a challenge every year. If you look back, you may think that you already gave all the possible gifts you can think of.

Despite the yearly preparation for Christmas shopping, having a ton of gift options and ideas can be a little overwhelming, too.

Lucky are those who are blessed to be creative enough to personalised and create DIY gifts during these times that we are locked inside our homes.

However, if you are the Christmas gift giver that always does the last minute Christmas shopping and relies on what’s in store, we rounded up 10 ideas that you can consider for this year’s gift-giving tradition.

Let’s forget about socks, mugs, sweaters, and the other usuals. We listed down things that your family and friends can still enjoy and use at the comforts of their homes.

Moreover, these ideas are budget-friendly so you will never have to shed a bunch of cash for this gift list.

Top 10 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas this 2020

Here are the top Christmas gifts you can give this holiday to every member of your family and every type of friend you have.

1. Binge-watching Starter Pack

During this era, people are finding ways on how to enjoy things at the comfort of their own homes. Leisure activities and gatherings are done online through video conferencing. Even watching the latest movies are done online. Thus, a binge-watch starter pack is a great Christmas gift idea.

You can give your friends subscriptions or paid access to the latest movies that are streamed online. You can choose whether it’s Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+. There are high chances that you have family and friends who would appreciate this kind of gift.

You can make things extra-special by sending them movie snacks and treats or a copy of some classic films you think they would love to watch again.

2. Skin Care Package

This gift idea is perfect for your girlfriend, mum, or sister. You can look up online what are the best skin care products in the market today.

This is one of the easier gifts to purchase because most skin care products are already sold in packages for overall face and body care.

3. Set of Scented Candles

Recently, scented candles are getting on trend again. People are stuck at home and they are looking for things that can improve their stay.

Scented candles are perfect gifts for your friends and family that are beautifying their homes. There are tons of available scents online and you can easily purchase one and send them.

4. Bottle of Wine

Who will turn down a bottle of wine especially during Christmas?

A bottle of wine is another go-to gift idea during the holiday season and it never gets old. You can send this gift item to colleagues, or your boss as a sign of appreciation.

5. Chocolate Box/Hamper

If you think sending out bottles of wine to family and friends is not enough, why not add a box of chocolate or a chocolate hamper? Great quality chocolate plus a bottle of wine is a great combo especially during Christmas.

Another good thing about chocolate is it can be enjoyed by all ages. Whether you give it to a 10-year-old or a 50-year-old, they will appreciate it.

Today, many chocolate makers produce chocolate mixed with unique flavours. There are chocolates with nuts, biscuits, and other products that add to its texture. Others add spices which makes the treat more interesting.

Moreover, most Christmas chocolate gifts come in boxes or sets which makes it more suitable for the season. Just add a little message and you have a special gift to send.

6. Personalised Items

This list will never be complete without some personalised items. Whether it is a jewelry, food item, or a simple Christmas card you personally made and wrote, it is already a good Christmas gift idea.

7. Digital Prints

Similar to scented candles, digital prints are also a great gift for those who are into home improvement projects.

You can send some digital prints to creative friends and family, who you think would love some additional Instagramable items inside their homes.

8. Indoor Plants

Indoor plants also fall under the home beautification category. If your grandma or mum are into plants, this is the best gift you can give. It will keep them occupied inside their homes.

Also, this is a great gift for friends and family that recently moved into a new place or opened a new business.

9. Art Supplies

This can also be a gift for all ages.

Kids will enjoy additional art supplies especially in this time of Zoom classes. Also, adults will love art supplies especially those creatives out there. It can also be a way of expression and release during these trying times.

10. Bag of Christmas Goodies

If you are still having a hard time thinking about what gift you want to give out this Christmas, just send out a bag full of Christmas goodies.

Goodies meaning packed with candies, treats, chocolates, Christmas stickers, or anything you can think of that reminds you of Christmas.

This can be a DIY project but there are some businesses that offer packages and personalized gift boxes. You just have to look for them online.

Wrapping Up

Christmas 2020 is definitely different. The world is still facing a health treat and no one knows until when, however, the spirit of the season lives on.

Sending Christmas gifts to your loved ones is just one way of celebrating and keeping the tradition. Whether your gift is big or small, it will still be the best Christmas gift if it comes from the heart.

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