Best Chocolates to Melt Your Lover's Heart

Updated: Apr 27

Valentine’s is over and the holidays are still several months away, but sending and giving your special someone a surprise gift or treat like the usual milk chocolate you buy at the grocery can definitely make their heart melt.

Random expression of love and affection is important for couples especially when you had been together for a long time. You need to continue giving gifts and surprising your partner to keep the spark and the fire burning. However, if you are still on the honeymoon stage surprises are common and if you are running out of ideas, give them chocolates - milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate.

We listed down some of the best and unique options you can choose from if you are planning to melt your lover’s heart any time of the year.

6 Chocolates To Win Your Lover’s Heart

These chocolates are considered among the best because if you really want the best for your loved ones, get them high-quality chocolates packed with flavours.

1. QQ La Praline’s Almond Cluster

If you want to give your loved ones something to munch on and will keep them satisfied for days, get them a bag of Almond cluster. QQ La Praline has dark chocolate and a milk chocolate variant. Every bag has 10 pieces of chocolates that are made out of a perfect blend of freshly toasted almonds and the best quality Belgian chocolate.

The dark chocolate goodie bag is particularly perfect for those who are conscious about their diet because the chocolates are made to be vegan-friendly.

This bag is packed with nuttiness, crunchiness, and pure tastiness from every bite.

To top that interesting flavours, QQ La Praline is a Melbourne-based store but ships out all over Australia so you don’t have to worry about the distance because our chocolatiers got you covered.

2. Godiva Chocolatier Assorted Chocolate Truffles

If your special someone is a fan of those popular brands, you can always get him/her a Godiva chocolate. Godiva is a chocolate brand that made its name in the chocolate world because of its high-quality gourmet chocolate bars and chocolate gift boxes.

You will definitely make your loved one say “Awwww…” when you send him or her this gourmet chocolate box containing 12 pieces of assorted chocolate truffles. The idea of giving them truffle on a random day is already a sweet gesture.

No one can resist this box of tastefulness. Also, while chomping these chocolates you and your lover will be surprised with assorted flavours of milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate. Plus, all these tiny chocolates are filled with a variety of surprises like nuts, sea salt, and others.

The packaging alone is already romantic what more the taste of every chocolate.

3. QQ La Praline Country of Origin Collection

Missing traveling around the world with your partner? QQ La Praline got you covered. This small chocolate shop in Melbourne is taking the world to your doorsteps through its Country of Origin collection.

The collection has flavours from Uganda, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, and Vietnam mixed with Belgian dark chocolate, white chocolate, and milk chocolate. You can buy these chocolates separately or you can book a ticket around the world by checking out the bundle option.

You can indeed travel the world with these flavours because of international ingredients mixed with Belgian chocolates and several locally sourced ingredients.

Reminisce your travels with your lover with these flavours. A great gift that will make your hearts grow fonder of each other.

4. Burch & Purchese "I Love You" Milk Chocolate Block

What is more heart melting than an “I Love You”? A bar of chocolate that comes with it. This Melbourne-based shop knows how to make romantic gestures in the simplest ways. Your lover can enjoy a milk chocolate bar with chinkes of heart-shaped white chocolate.

5. Jacques Torres' Chocolate Boxes

If you want to go extra, buy him/her a Jacques Torres' chocolate gift box. This set of chocolates are fun and full of surprises. If you give this to your lover, he/she will have a taste of almost everything the chocolatier has to offer, which for an ordinary gift box is a lot.

This bougee brand’s small chocolate gift box is loaded with fillings and coatings, and it features tons of flavours like cream, passionfruit, melon, raspberry, strawberry, pineapple, coconut, various citruses, teas, wines, spirits, gold leaf, and more.

The chocolate maker puts on an extra touch to these creations by adding patterns bedazzle, little flowers, nuts, and pieces of fruit.

Melt your partner’s heart through a burst of flavours from this small but flavourful chocolate gift box.

6. QQ La Praline’s Creme Caramel

If you want to be extra sweet make sure you get this a creme de la creme des dessert. The white chocolate is already creamy but the chocolatiers decided to add some creme caramel, making this treat elevated.

This is perfect for those loved ones who have sweet tooth and a huge love for caramel. This chocolate option will never fail you. It will definitely melt your partner’s heart.

This option is available in two variants, the regular ones (35g) and the moreish bar option that weighs (90g). Can you imagine what will be his/her reaction when you give your lover more than double the size of this treat?

Wrapping Up

We have been away with our lovers, partners, or loved ones for quite a while now. There are a few lucky ones who kept company and has been dealing with each other for some time. Whether you are away or living in with your lover, you still have to find ways to show love and affection.

These list is just some of the options you can consider if you are planning to surprise your lover soon. You can add other gifts or a letter to make it more heartwarming but chocolate never fails. It will boost not just your lover’s modd but yours too when you finally see the happiness you will give him/her just because of the simple gesture.

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