Best Chocolate Easter Eggs in 2021

In less than a month away, Australia will be celebrating Easter. Many Aussies commemorate this significant event on the Christian calendar because it is their way of remembering the life of Jesus Christ.

Through the years, several Easter traditions have been created and one is the Easter eggs. This particular tradition is enjoyed by most kids as well as adults. There are many activities created around Easter eggs - decorations, hunting, as well as munching chocolate easter eggs.

Many businesses maximize this holiday to create and sell seasonal products that will be enjoyed by everyone. Just like Halloween, sweet treats and chocolates are popular during this season. There are many tasty and mouth watering treats on the market, whether it is a huge chocolate Easter egg, or a box full of Easter goodies, or the usual egg-shaped treat, people will take it.

If you are thinking of what to get this coming Easter, we rounded up the best chocolate Easter eggs you can get across Melbourne and all around Australia. We listed down a range of chocolates, from the common, easy to buy up to the best-tasting and high-quality chocolates you can get on the market today.

10 Best Buy Easter Chocolates You Can Get

Here are 10 of the best buy chocolate easter eggs you can get across the country.

1. Lindt Gourmet Easter Egg Range

Lindt prepared some good tasting chocolates for everyone. It has a selection of easter egg chocolates that includes a dark chocolate egg and three milk chocolate-flavoured. These range of chocolate eggs will make you want more because of the surprise in taste and texture in every bite. The milk chocolate options have wafer and nuts that you can indulge during the holiday. But if you want bitter sweet taste in your mouth, check out their dark chocolate option with caramel and pink salt.

2. Only Mine Dark Quail Eggs

If you are looking for a vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free chocolate Easter egg, check out these dark chocolates. This set comes in seven quail eggs. It is made out of dark Belgian chocolate so you can expect a mouth watering and smooth silky experience.

3. Cadbury Marshmallow Eggs

This is something familiar and common. These Cadbury marshmallow eggs are perfect for kids and adults. This Aussie version is just a half of an egg instead of the original two halves joined by a layer of chocolate made in New Zealand. But nevertheless, it is still a chocolate with marshmallow and no one can say no to that. Also, isn’t it a great alternative for the time consuming smores?

4. QQ Lapraline Tutti Frutti Easter Egg Pack

If you crave for familiar fruity flavours, check out this Tutti Frutti Easter Egg pack handcrafted in Melbourne. The selection has strawberry, raspberry, and passion fruit flavours mixed with high-quality Belgian chocolates. The pack contains 16 pieces of chocolate Easter eggs, perfect for Easter egg hunting and giveaways. QQ Lapraline’s products are GMO-free and made from 100% sustainable ingredients all sourced across Australia so you can guarantee the best tasting Easter eggs.

5. Cacao Three's a Crowd Range

Planning to have a themed Easter celebration? This selection of Easter eggs can definitely fit to your farm and backyard theme party. The pack comes in 3s - a white chocolate chicken, milk chocolate cow, and fruity ruby chocolate piggies. These chocolate eggs will be a hit for the kids as well as adults because these farm animals are crafted using Belgian chocolates so you can expect that it both looks good and tastes good.

6. Godiva’s Chocolate Easter Egg Box

If you like having a range of flavours this Easter, this Godiva’s chocolate Easter Egg box is perfect. It can also be a gift to your loved ones or something you will indulge at home even after the holiday. You can pick your favourite from five flavours - milk chocolate, dark chocolate ganache, or milk chocolate caramel. Surprise your tastebuds with these flavours.

7. QQ Lapraline Cafe Creme Easter Egg Pack

Enjoy a good mixture of comfort and taste. The selection contains coffee and creme caramel flavours mixed with high-quality Belgian chocolate. The pack is handcrafted in Melbourne and is available across Australia. This pack is perfect for those who want a burst of flavours in their mouth. The pack contains 16 pieces of chocolate Easter eggs. You can send this out to your friends and family or you can treat yourself a piece or two during the Easter holidays.

8. Kmart Popping Candy Egg

If your audience this Easter holiday are mostly kids, getting this Kmart popping candy is a must. It is an eye-catching chocolate treat that comes either in pink unicorn or green dinosaurs. The chocolate is made out of fine milk chocolate added with ingredients that will pop, crack and whiz on these kids’ tongues. Leave the better goodies to the adults and get these chocolates for the kids, mate.

9. Vue de Monde Handmade Eggs

Check this handmade chocolates if you are feeling extra this Easter holiday. These luxe made-to-order selection come in two flavours - caramel macadamia and the lamington egg. Caramel macadamia is made out of dark chocolate while the lamington has a white chocolate shell. These boujee handmade eggs are best for those adults who want to indulge with good chocolates this holiday.

10. QQ Lapraline Let’s Go Nuts Easter Egg Pack

Craving for something nutty and smooth at the same time? This Let’s go nuts package is the perfect option for you and your loved ones. It comes in three flavours mixed with locally sourced nuts. You can dig in for an egg made of dark chocolate and almond praline, or a milk chocolate and hazelnut praline. An egg containing pistachio praline and made from white chocolate is also in the mix. This pack is perfect for those who want texture and savory flavours while treating themselves with chocolates.

Wrapping Up

Easter will always be special. It is an on-going tradition across the world celebrated for years. Choosing new and elevated treats this coming holiday season is just perfect to make something special and different this year.

You can opt to check out the huge selection across grocery stores or you can opt to go hassle free by ordering your chocolate egg treats online. There are several online stores open to serve you during the Easter holidays. This list of good buys is good for your bank accounts and perfect for your tastebuds.

Make sure to look for stores that sell high quality chocolates because these bunnies will never want you to have not so good chocolate Easter eggs this year.

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