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Updated: Apr 9

After being locked inside your homes for a long time, you deserve a real treat. If you have a sweet tooth, you definitely need a good bar of chocolate. Recent surveys show that in Australia more than half of the nation’s population consumes at least one chocolate within four weeks.

Most Aussies have a sweet tooth and you all deserve high-quality and unique bars, particularly artisan chocolates.

Artisan chocolates will give your tastebuds with a special experience by flavour explosion. In addition, artisan chocolates are healthier because of the less amount of preservatives put into the chocolate making process.

What Is Artisan Chocolate?

Ever since the Industrial Revolution, “artisan” has been defined as part of a socio-economic group in Europe. Artisans are those people who have reached a certain level of skill for a particular profession or industry.

Artisans are not instantly skilled people.They must be admitted for an apprenticeship, either with a family member or acquaintance or in a guild and from there acquire their skills and knowledge.

For chocolate makers, “artisan” could convey a variety of meanings but the most common interpretation of the word “artisan” are the artists and creators of a certain product and in this case, chocolate bars. Oftentimes business owners mention that their products are artisanal because it is often enough to build trust from the business to the customers.

Marketing Benefits of Handcrafted Chocolates

It is a competitive market out there, thus, promoting that you are selling artisan chocolate bars is a huge advantage for your business. No one passed on artisan and good quality chocolates. Customers are always interested in handcrafted products whether it is clothing, food, or treats.

Premium Belgian chocolates are popular because of their chocolate craftsmanship and this allows them to maintain the quality and the popularity of their chocolates.

Local chocolate shops in Belgium still have artisan chocolatiers who keep the tradition alive. This tradition eventually became a tourist attraction and was used to increase the popularity of Belgium when it comes to chocolate making.

In other parts of the world, artisan chocolates are artworks and often used for branding but not all businesses who claim their chocolates are handcrafted are legit. Today, customers are all over the Internet.They are more cautious with their purchase, therefore, make sure you are a certified artisan chocolatier so you keep the trust of your customers.

Why Buy Artisan Chocolates?

Buying artisan chocolates allows you to be surprised by the flavours a chocolatier can offer. Most of the time, this type of chocolate has unique flavour profiles and mixed with out of ordinary spices and flavours to add to its texture, taste, and overall experience. Again, you can always grab the usual mass-produced chocolates anywhere so might as well explore other brands that have flavours you never had before.

In addition, artisan chocolatiers use less to none preservatives so the products are healthier than those store-bought products.

Top Artisan Chocolate Stores in Australia

Aussies don’t need to fly out to Belgium to have a taste of artisan chocolates because there is a long list of local artisans that offer their products across the country. Here are just a few of the top and well-recognized artisan chocolates in the country.

The Smooth Chocolator

This business is based in Geelong. The Smooth Chocolator sources its cocoa beans from various regions around the world and roasts the beans to perfection. Because of the wide range of sources, the business offers a variety of unique flavours for its Australian market.

In addition, The Smooth Chocolator was also recognized internationally for its world-class artisan chocolate bars.


You can locate this business in Toowoomba, Queensland. The business was originally based in Sweden but today, the Aussies are enjoying these tasty and high-quality treats. The cocoa beans used in handcrafting the chocolate bars are sourced from Solomon Islands.

The process of making the products caught the attention of the market, locally and internationally, thus, Metiisto also gained several recognitions.

QQ Lapraline

Compared to other brands on this list, QQ La Praline is a local chocolate online shop owned by chocolatiers based in Melbourne.

This business might be small but the flavour offerings are big and wide. All chocolate products from bars and other treats like almond clusters are handcrafted by artisan chocolatiers. QQ La Praline only uses premium Belgian. In addition, the business uses locally sourced ingredients without palm oil nor GMO.

This local store ships all over Australia, therefore, you never have to worry if you are craving for some classic dark chocolates, or out of ordinary artisan chocolate bars because QQ Lapraline can deliver it to your doorsteps.

QQ La Praline also offers limited edition chocolate selection during the holidays so you better watch out for a burst of flavours, particularly curated for that specific time of the year.

Monsieur Truffe

This chocolate company was founded in 2006 in Melbourne. From a space at the Melbourne’s Prahran market the business expanded through the years with a factory, online store, and additional retail space across the area.

This artisanal brand uses organic ingredients, sustainable packaging, and offers a wide range of variations catering all cravings of the customers.

Jasper + Myrtle

Peru and Papua New Guinea are where this business in Canberra source their cocoa beans and several ingredients. Jasper + Myrtle is considered as one of the best artisan chocolate businesses across Australia. This business at the capital uses no artificial colours or preservatives. Also, they only create unique batches of chocolates everytime they produce, so you make sure to buy immediately once you see them release something you like.

Bahen & Co

This business based on the Margaret River was founded by winemaker Josh Bahen.

What makes this business special is sourcing the cocoa beans from the most remote and exotic places in the world. Exotic sources allow Bahen to offer unique flavours to the Australian market.

Bahen & Co. is a popular gift option for Aussies.


There are a wide range of shops across Australia that offers a variety of desserts, sweets, and treats. Every state and territory has its own characteristics and unique selling points.

If you are from Melbourne QQ La Praline is the best option especially during a pandemic that you have limited movement, we got you covered. The artisan chocolates offered by QQ La Praline can satisfy your cravings, brighten up the day off your loved ones, or simply boost your mood and energy to get through the day.

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