7 Gourmet Chocolates Available Online That You Should Check Out

Everybody loves chocolates. Whether it is bought from a nearby convenience store or some fancy chocolate store, no one can say no to chocolate.

However, some chocolates are more than just another sweet treat you grab anytime, anywhere. There are unique and well-crafted gourmet chocolates that give an extraordinary mouth-watering experience rather than just another quick fix.

Regardless of your preference, whether you like nutty chocolates, dark chocolate, sweet and creamy milk chocolate, even if you want to go healthy with vegan chocolate, there is a wide range of chocolate options that you can’t resist.

Of course, we have truffles on the list, however, we also included other unique options you can try. Chocolate makers are learning to experiment and surprise every taste bud and cater to different occasions.

Here we narrowed down the best options for you. We made a list of the best gourmet chocolates that you can check out. This list contains a variety of options for your next special treat, or as a tasty gift for a fellow choco-maniac for the upcoming holidays.

7 Recommended Gourmet Chocolates To Check Out This 2020

  1. Godiva Chocolatier Assorted Chocolate Truffles

Godiva is a chocolate brand famous for its gourmet chocolate bars and chocolate gift boxes. This gourmet chocolate box is packed with 12 pieces of assorted chocolate truffles best for self-indulgence or special gift.

This box of tastefulness is made from irresistible smooth chocolate. You will be surprised by milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate shells with filling made of gourmet sea salt and chipotle, liquid fondant, and crispy, crunchy toasted nuts.

Furthermore, these Godiva truffles are individually stored in a special tray so you can eat and enjoy anytime, anywhere making it fit for romantic dates or family picnics.

Also, you never have to worry about the delivery of your chocolates. The temperature is monitored during shipment to ensure that your gourmet chocolate gift box arrives in perfect condition.

  1. Neuhaus Dark Collection

Neuhaus has been making chocolates since 1857 and their pralines are just one of the best made.

These pralines were created by Jean Neuhaus’ son in 1912, three years later his wife designed the brand’s chocolate boxes and since then this gourmet chocolate has been listed as one of the best.

This chocolate brand uses non-GMO ingredients making it fall under the higher quality chocolates.

Neuhaus Dark Collection is a 12-piece box that contains some of the very best dark chocolates. The box is filled with every fine chocolate you can think of. It has pralines, ganaches, caramels, and more. Neuhaus made sure that there's something for everyone.

If you are on the last-minute gift shopping, you can order this box anytime because they offer two-day or next-day shipping.

1. Vosges Exotic Truffle Collection

If you want something different from your regular milk chocolates, you should check out Vosges Exotic Truffle Collection because they have unique flavors for adventurous chocolate connoisseurs.

Katrina Markoff, the founder of Vosges Haut-Chocolat, wants to tell a story and take every chocolate lover on an adventure through her chocolates.

This set of exotic truffles is worth checking out because Markoff uses intriguing flavors that will make every foodie curious.

These truffles can range from the usual chocolates with cherries, hazelnuts, and other more traditional fillings to Oaxaca truffle, that uses guajillo and pasilla chilies with 75% cacao Tanzanian dark chocolate and pumpkin seeds, or the Naga truffle is filled with sweet Indian curry and coconut that's covered by 45% cacao deep milk chocolate.

2. Lindt Chocolate Box

Lindt is the ultimate proof that tasty and fine chocolates do not cost a lot of money.

Lindt is a popular Swiss chocolate brand founded by David Sprüngli-Schwarz and his son, Rudolf Sprüngli-Ammann in 1845.

You can often see this chocolate brand across the grocery aisle so it is very convenient for everyone to taste this gourmet chocolate.

You will get pralines made from milk, dark, and white chocolate from this Lindt Chocolate Box. Aside from that, there are other special flavours like macchiato, carre de stracciatella, caramelita, and perle de cacao.

3. Melt Vegan Chocolate Gift Box

This is a fairly new brand compared to the pioneer chocolate makers on this list. Melt was founded in 2006 and if you are a fan of luxury chocolate chances are you already know it.

Melt Chocolates are handmade, and all the recipes designed in-house. If you want something that is out of the box and extra special you may opt to grab their Melt Vegan Chocolate gift box.

The boxed is packed with surprises including four dark chocolate truffles with ganache and four praline cups topped with crunchy nuts. Of course, let’s not forget that this chocolate is vegan-friendly.

Chocolates have their health benefits but who knew it could be healthier?

1. QQ La Praline Country of Origin Collection

QQ La Praline is a local chocolate online shop that offers gourmet chocolate bars and other treats like almond clusters, all handcrafted by artisan chocolatiers.

This chocolate brand crafts its chocolate from premium Belgian couverture combined with locally sourced ingredients without palm oil nor GMO.

QQ La Praline has original and classic flavours on the market, perfect as gifts or personal treats for everyone. They have a special set of chocolate bars, perfect for people who want to explore different tastes.

You can bring your taste buds around the world with their Country of Origin collection that features flavours from Uganda, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, and Vietnam.

2. Jacques Torres' Chocolate Boxes

Jacques Torres' chocolate gift box has its personality. It is fun, colourful, and diverse. You can get a little taste of almost everything the chocolatier has to offer, which for an ordinary gift box is a lot.

A small Jacques Torres' chocolate gift box is loaded with fillings and coatings, and it features tons of flavours like cream, passionfruit, melon, raspberry, strawberry, pineapple, coconut, various citruses, teas, wines, spirits, gold leaf, and more.

The chocolate maker puts on an extra touch to these creations by adding patterns bedazzle, little flowers, nuts, and pieces of fruit.

Imagine tasting the burst of flavours this chocolate gift box can give you or your family and friends.

What to Look for When Buying Gourmet Chocolates


You can just choose either you take the traditional and popular brands and flavours or be more adventurous and get something extraordinary from a local chocolate store that offers a wide variety of flavours.

Flavours and Taste

Choose a gourmet chocolate that can offer you tons of favours. You can grab the usual mass-produced chocolates anywhere so might as well explore other brands that have flavours you never had before.

Additional Products

Aside from the perfect chocolate gift, it is better to look for other products that this online gourmet chocolate seller has to offer.

This will also give you an idea that this brand has a lot to offer aside from bars and boxes of chocolates.

Might as well, try it, and set the trend among your friends and family once you’ve tasted other gourmet products.

Bottom Line

There are tons of gourmet chocolates out in the market today. It is all about preference now, you can have it all but one will stand out. There are shops that offer high-quality and handcrafted chocolates that you can enjoy at an affordable price range.

Check out QQ La Praline to experience the best tasting Belgian chocolates across Australia.

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